You’ll Be Blown Away How She Transforms A Plain Vase Into An Amazing Piece Of Art!

I was in complete awe when I watched how she transformed this vase. You certainly wouldn’t recognize it from what she started with. Make sure to watch it until it’s completely finished!

First of all, look past the fingernails (if you can) and focus on this magical item that this gal makes in the attached tutorial! Oh, and if you don’t like the music, just turn the volume off, since she doesn’t talk in this tutorial, because this is certainly worth the watch!

This DIY project is actually easy, believe it or not. She paints Heavy Duty Gel on the vase and applies gauze in various places on the vase. Then she paints black Heavy Gesso on the vase. After the vase is dry she glues her embellishments on, then she applies a texturizing gel in various places around the embellishments. Then she brushes the black gesso on the embellishments, leaving the whole vase black.

After applying the black gesso she applies heavy white gesso to the whole vase and lets that dry. After the vase is dry she sprays Lindy’s ink spray in a purple tone ( in various places all over the vase. After that dries she goes over the embellishments with the heavy white gesso again. The she sprays a different purple on the same way she did the other purple.

Next she applies Multi Medium Gloss to the whole vase. Then she applies the heavy white gesso, to the embellishments, very lightly with her brush. Then she puts glue in the center of one of the framed metal ornaments and places a large rhinestone in the center, where she put the glue. Then she applies other stones in the centers of the flower embellishments.

Watch what Yulianna Afremova does next in her step by step tutorial so you can get started transforming this fabulous vase!

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