Thursday, December 7

You’ll Want To See These Awesome Tips For Helping Us Look Our Best!

As we start growing older there are some things we wish we’d known about when we were younger, right? I’m currently kicking myself for all of the sun I got. It’s come back to bite me!

This is a great tutorial for some really good life tips to keep us looking younger and feeling better about ourselves, plus just feeling better!

She covers a plethora of tips from teeth whitening, to ways to avoid getting wrinkles and more. I was really interested in seeing these and thought you might be too.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these, but since I didn’t know about some of them I thought you might not know about them either. After all, we’ve gotta have each others backs, right?

Did you know that coconut oil applied to our fingernails protects against infections and strengthens nails? I had never heard this before. I did know that coconut oil has a lot of benefits.

Did you know if you don’t wash your makeup off your face every night, your skin ages faster? It can also cause dull looking skin. Leaving mascara on while you sleep can make your eyelashes brittle.

Skin cells renew at night and this is why it’s so important to remove your makeup.

Make sure to watch this video by 5-Minute Crafts. It’s very informative and you might just learn a few tips for looking your very best! Can’t hurt, right?




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