Your Costume Is Sure To Be A Huge Hit This Year With This Iconic Symbol!

Do you want to be popular at your Halloween party this year?  Just show up in this great costume! This is one of the best DIY costumes I’ve seen yet.

If you are a frequent Starbucks customer, the odds are that the coffee chain has slightly taken over your life. Whether you’ve named your cat Cappy (for Cappachino) or the local store’s staff has your Latte order ready before you walk through the door, there is no shame in loving Starbucks coffee. After all, you’re not the only one with a great appreciation for its sweet treats!

This costume is especially for the die hard coffee enthusiasts and if you’re looking to showcase your Starbucks obsession this Halloween, check out this amazing costume idea. It may be easy and cheap to make, it will definitely be a BIG hit!

If you want to go all out, try using body paint to channel the brand’s iconic mermaid. The way this gal in the video does her makeup for this costume really gives the authentic look of the famous logo.

 You might even make a visit to your local Starbucks, in this costume, and I’d be surprised if  you didn’t get a free drink!
Watch how RclBeauty101 makes this cool costume in her step by step tutorial and get busy…Halloween is right around the corner!



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