You’ve Got to See How This Amazing Light Bulb Vase Works!

I think flowers in a light bulb look so cool and unique, and the fact that it lights up is even more mind blowing!  What will people think of next?!  I had to try this immediately, after seeing this online!  I put it on a little table as you walk into my living room and it’s so cool looking!  I get so many comments on this little vase…everyone wants to know about it!  I keep fresh flowers in mine all the time because I’m so fascinated by it!

Don’t you just love unusual things?  The more unusual it is, the more I’ve gotta have it!  Who would have ever thought you could do this with a light bulb of all things?  This would be something cool to reproduce and sell at craft shows!  I’m seriously thinking about doing that myself!  I always throw out light bulbs that have expired and I won’t be doing that anymore!

Check out this step by step tutorial so you can learn how to make these yourself!  Oh, and don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends and family!

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